Marc Ravaris, Owner of El Capitan’s and Chief Editor of

Thanks for joining us on WhatcomWorkflow, Marc! What do you do for a living?

I’m the owner of El Capitan’s Brat, Sausage & Dog and the Chief Editor of

How long have you been doing what you’re doing?

13 years with El Capitan’s. Four months with

What’s a unique word or phrase that describes how you work?

Perfected the art of working way too hard for no money.

Tell us about your desktop computer.

Apple iMac 21.5″, Intel 2.5ghz i5 processor, 12gb ram, 1TB HD, OS X 10.8.5 with Parallels Virtual Machine running Windows 7.

What software applications do you use to get your work done and why?

Adobe Production Tools, including Photoshop, Fireworks, Captivate; Camtasia Studio; Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook for email; WordPress for website development; Asana for project management; Toggl for time management; and Buffer for social media management.

What mobile phone and/or tablet do you own?

Basic iPad 2 but with 3G, and a Motorola Droid soon to be replaced by an Apple phone.

What apps on your phone can’t you live without?

None really, the phone for me is a more basic communication tool, phone, text mostly. I use my iPad for most of my mobile, work-related communication needs, and then my laptop for any hardcore work, so that’s where the bulk of the apps I use are. I like Flipboard for my daily news feed, and when I am traveling, I like an app called History Here which pinpoints local history and gives a synopsis of each location.

I don’t like small screens very much, regardless of how high-tech phones have become, so I don’t use many of their capabilities.

Besides your phone and computer, what else (analog or digital) can’t you live without?

I would say mostly my iPad because that is what I use to play most of my music.

What are some struggles you currently face with your technology?

The unexpected, random, minor problem that takes time to solve, but stops your work flow. For example, the other day I need to send a screenshot of a webpage I was having problems with, something I have done a million times.

All of a sudden, no “Print Screen” function on my keyboard for no apparent reason. Do some quick research to find that the “function lock” of the keyboard must have inadvertently been engaged. However unlike most keyboards, the “function lock” on this Logitech is nowhere I can see, nor is it specifically identified in Logitech literature. Finally, after searching other help forums, I was able to solve the problem, but a ten-minute project turned into an hour of lost work.

Describe for us your dream workspace and technology. No budget limitations. Sky is the limit!

I envision my eventual work-space to be space be a small office of 5 – 6 employees for our new blog. It would include modular work stations each with 27.5′ Apple iMacs, each with two screens. The stations would be standing/seated worked stations. I would design the space so that each station could rotate and form an inner circle when the team needed to work collaboratively, and then rotate in the other direction to allow each person to have a more individual workspace.

Then a small, separate presentation room, and a small but comfortable place to relax and greet clients, would be ideal.

What artists do you listen to while working, and what music source do you use?

I tend to listen to very consistent music while working, so I like to listen to EDM and other electronic in the background while at my desk.

Where is your favorite place to get work done in Whatcom County?

My home office.

What does Whatcom County need more of?

I live downtown, and I would say we need many more small retail establishments like boutiques. Too many people are opening restaurants and food trucks, not enough retail to generate significant foot traffic or draw others from the surrounding area to downtown Bellingham. More retail would help support the restaurants as well.

Where do you go to relax in Whatcom County?

I am fortunate to own a sailboat, so anywhere on the water in the San Juans and surrounding waters. I like to spend time in the mountains, so up Highway 542 is also a good area.

What books or magazines are you currently reading?

I follow some food blogs like Grub Street, for news I use Flipboard which is an aggregate, I like Real Clear Politics as well. For books, I am reading Michael Crichton’s Pirate Latitudes.

What is your best time-saving shortcut or life hack? for managing social media information. Buffer for pre-loading and timed release of social media feeds.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Save a little money every week, starting from a very early age. Unfortunately, I didn’t follow it though, but I give the same advice to others.

Fill in the blank: I think ____________ should be a featured professional on WhatcomWorkflow.

Justina Brown, Director of the Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment at WWU.

That was great! Thanks very much for sharing your tech and tools, Marc!

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