Nine Tips to be a Better Mobile Phone Owner

Written by Chris Powell


Your Phone Browser

Creating tabs on your mobile phone browser to save interesting webpages will help you sort through them later on your desktop computer.

Your Phone Apps

If a popular or interesting app is heavily discounted, or free for a limited time, buy it. Once you purchase an app, it’s yours to install and uninstall from your phone as often as you wish.

Your Phone Wallet

You can eliminate those little plastic grocery store club loyalty cards with the Stocard app, available for both Android and iOS. The clerk scans the barcode from your phone, you get oohs and ahhs from people in line behind you, and you don’t have a jumbled mess of a keychain.

Your Phone Security

Always set a PIN code or fingerprint ID on your phone’s lockscreen to prevent anyone from accessing your apps and personal information.

Your Phone Audio

If you are wearing a bluetooth earpiece while having a conversations with a live person, remove it from your ear.

Your Phone in Public

If you must have your mobile phone on the table of a restaurant or coffee shop when out with friends, please it face down.

Your Phone Ringtone

If you phone ringtone is blasting loud hip-hop, don’t stare at the screen for 15 seconds deciding if your should answer it.

Your Phone Calls

If you answer the phone with other people around, get up and move to an area devoid of people. Even if you crouch down lower in your seat, thinking that will make your conversation more private, people can still hear you.

Your Phone Etiquette

If you continue to have a conversation on your phone when it’s your turn in the checkout line, you will be hated by the clerk and everyone behind you in line.

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