Stacee Sledge, Community Manager for WhatcomTalk

Thanks for joining us on WhatcomWorkflow, Stacee! Tell us what do you do for a living.

I spent the vast majority of my career as a writer and editor for various print and online publications. I’m now the community manager and part-owner of, a digital media company that shares positive stories about the people, places and businesses in Whatcom County.

How long have you been an editor and writer?

23 years.


What’s a unique word or phrase that describes how you work?



Tell us about your desktop computer.

I use a iMac with 27-inch display, purchased a year ago.


What software applications do you use to get your work done and why?

Chrome browser, Microsoft Word, Photoshop.


What mobile phone and/or tablet do you own?

Apple all the way: a very old (but still chugging along) iPad and an iPhone 6s.


What apps on your phone can’t you live without?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (for both work and personal use), WECU mobile app, Google News, Podcasts, Music/Spotify, and Calendar.


Pop quiz: A distant relative sends you a check for a sizable amount. Their only request is that you use this money for creating your dream office workspace. How would you improve your current workspace and the technology you use?

Add a second display, replace my touchy Airport Time Capsule, buy a MacBook (I’m embarrassed to admit how old my current one is), and have someone build us gorgeous built-in bookshelves to replace the six ramshackle IKEA shelves currently lining the space.


Where is your favorite place to get work done in Whatcom County?

Truthfully, my home office is where I’m most productive, always. Working in a coffee shop (Black Drop is my favorite, but Barkley Woods is closest to my home) is fun, but I don’t generally get all that much done. Writing, for me, needs to be done in a quiet environment with few interruptions.


What are some struggles you are currently facing with your technology?

I absolutely love my iMac and the only thing I’d like is a second display, which I imagine would make the juggling of writing and photo editing a bit more enjoyable.


What is your best time-saving shortcut or life hack?

I finally replaced my old DSLR camera last year with a newer one that has wifi, so now if I get an amazing shot while I’m out and about in Whatcom County, I can easily move it to my iPhone and upload it immediately to social media without first having to move the photos to my desktop computer at home.


Besides your phone and computer, what else (analog or digital) can’t you live without?



What do you listen to while working, and what music source do you use?

If I’m writing or surfing/researching, I listen to absolutely nothing. If I’m editing photos, I might put on a podcast or blast some music from my iTunes library.


What book are you currently reading?

Sadly, nothing at the moment. I have an English degree and used to read voraciously, but then I had kids, and then I got a smartphone. I’m currently making a list of books to take on a summer road trip, including “Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman” by Lindy West and “The Girls: A Novel” by Emma Cline.


What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

“Always do more than is required of you.” If I hadn’t had this in mind, I likely would not have pushed my way outside the boundaries of my first job, which is where I wrote my first national magazine articles; writing was not at all part of my editorial assistant duties, but I showed my editors that I was capable and enthusiastic to help them out when their budgets were tight (i.e., I would write for free). The publishing company I worked for eventually paid for me to attend graduate school and study journalism.



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