Seven Ways to Remove YouTube Distractions

Written by Chris Powell

The world has willingly switched their viewing habits from traditional cable television over to online video. Couch potatoes used to choose between ABC, NBC, and CBS for their TV shows. Now the choices are Netflix, Amazon Video, and Youtube on desktop and mobile devices. Gone are the days of using a commercial break to visit the kitchen or the restroom. Video is on demand whenever time permits. However, commercials are still present in the form of pre-video ads. And distractions are everywhere on the web. Here are some ways to combat visual annoyances on Youtube’s site:

For Google Chrome users:

AdBlock for Youtube – Free from the Chrome Web Store – Simply removes the ads from Youtube. Essential!

DF Youtube (Distraction Free) – Free from the Chrome Web Store –  Hides video recommendations and related videos on your web browser.

Hide Youtube Comments – Free from the Chrome Web Store – Does what it says. No more witty comments from the peanut gallery taking your attention away from your video.

For Firefox users:

AdBlocker for Youtube – Free add-on. Blocks pre-video ads like a champ.

CleanTube – Free add-on. Turns your Youtube page into a clutter-free canvas to simply watch your video.

No Youtube Comments – Free add-on. Blocks comments, re-enables focus.


Internet Explorer users have a solution as well. Even though the above extensions and add-ons are unavailable for Microsoft’s legacy web browser, a simple, but very helpful, website called Quietube is there to help. Just drag the rectangular quietube box into your Favorites bar. The next time you visit, and play your video of choice, click the Quietube bookmark and all will disappear except the video.


Eliminate embarrassing ads when presenting videos to others. Regain focus without those pesky related video thumbnails. Take back your original intentions to just watch a video without distraction.

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